Early records of pyrethrum date back to the first Century A.D. during the "Chou" Dynasty of China. Its secret was guarded for many years.
In medieval times it found its way probably by the old "silk routes" through Tashkent to Persia and finally to the Dalmatian coast.

Later growing spread to other parts of Europe, South America, Japan, South East Asia and in particular Kenya. More recently Pyrethrum industries have developed in Rwanda, Tanzania and Tasmania.


Pyrethrum has been grown in Kenya since 1928 and the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya was established in 1934 to oversee to all activities related to the production and processing of pyrethrum for the benefit of growers and consumers.

By the end of second world war, Kenya had become a major source of pyrethrum, accounting for more than 65% of the global supply, a leadership which the country has steadfastly maintained to the present time.


Today, the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya remains firmly committed to serving its international clientele of distributors, manufacturers and ultimate consumers of end-use products. - Recent trend of Pyrethrum production in Kenya: