Process & Quality control 

Pyrethrum processing calls for a large number of specialized technical and analytical functions. In this regard, Pyrethrum Board of Kenya has well equipped modern Laboratories which are maintained and manned by experienced chemists and technicians.

In addition, the Board has made substantial investments in the development of appropriate machinery and other physical inputs with the overall objective of matching output with the world demand. PBK operates the largest Pyrethrum extraction and refining plants in the world.

Quality is a priority at PBK and quality assurance tests are conducted at all stages of processing.

All flower deliveries from the fields are inspected for quality, weighed, sampled and analysed for Pyrethrins content in the PBK laboratories. They are then stored under carbon dioxide or directly passed to the various processing stages according to requirements, e.g. manufacture of Powders or Extracts.

Process control
Every stage of processing undergoes a rigid control system. All factory inputs are routinely analysed for conformity with specifications. In-process control employs methods of analysis such as Gas Liquid Chromatography, Thin Layer Chromatography, Ultra Violet and Infra Red Spectrometry as well as HPLC.

Quality control
Before release to a customer the PBK laboratories inspect all products by use of state-of-the-art analytical methods. Each shipment is accompanied by an Analysis Certificate to testify compliance of the product with its specification as well as regulations of the receiving country or its specific use. The PBK is preparing to participate in the Quality Assurance system ISO 9000.