Pyrethrum product range 

Pyrethrum products from Kenya are of high quality and in great demand in the United States of America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Asia and Africa. Our product range includes:

Refined Pale Extracts
This is a highly refined extract available in both 25% w/w and 50% w/w concentrations. It is primarily used in the manufacture of aerosol products, vaporising mats, liquid evaporating formulations and certain specialty veterinary and pharmaceutical preparations.

Crude Oleo Resin (O.R.)
Crude O.R. is a dark viscous liquid containing 25% w/w Pyrethrins. It can be used in the formulation of mosquito coils as well as space sprays and dusts.

Superfine Pyrethrum Powder 1.3% w/w
This is a finely ground powder of Pyrethrum flowers standardised to contain 1.3% w/w Pyrethrins mainly used as an active ingredient in the manufacture of mosquito coils.

Pyrethrum Marc
This material is the vegetable remains after the extraction process. In a finely gristed form it is an ideal and highly accepted filler material in mosquito coils.